Meanwhile on Instagram it was still a bit…. Slow

Usually, my work weeks are filled with nonsense, some local traveling, and lacking mercy.  This week was calm, though. I’m in a long quiet before a possible storm. Photography this week was basically extremely local and a little silly. There was the usual coffee, some toys, and commuting to the day job. It was not a historic week.

Irish Coffee Donut #we35 #exploringthefrontier #fueledbydoughnuts #montclairbread
Irish Coffee Donut

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They said the 50mm was a good lens

When I got into photography they said a lot of things but one of the things they talked about was a 50mm prime. They said everyone needs a 50mm.They said a 50mm would really improve my photography. I had nothing to loose and I bought a 50mm f1.8D lens.  They were actually right. The D series Nikon lenses are rugged  a bridge between the old manual focus lenses and the current generation, they were built simply and worked really well and the 50mm 1.8d was an excellent example of the series. Putting it down for a year was difficult and in my post we35 days, I used it for a while to see if it was good as I remembered.

50mm f1-8D-20160218-7271


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Coffee and Bourbon In action 

Well, it has been about three weeks, and the coffee bourbon has been poured, poured, tested, shared with some whiskey loving friends and tasted some more. It was a good experiment. The coffee bourbon came out a lot more mellow than it went in. The Jim Beam bourbon I used was harsh, unrefined. and this experiment made it a lot nicer to drink. The great thing is this will get better over time. Thre first batch will not be finished when the second is ready and I will have to bottles of coffee whiskey.  Here is what I am going to do for the next batch and other notes.

ywing -20160212-7210

  • Make an Irish coffee with the current batch
  • I will use a better bourbon/whiskey, not sure which one yet, I need to do some testing
  • I am going to use a slightly finer grind of coffee, possible Ethiopian in origin for a better flavor.
  • I will keep the ratio about the same.
  • There is Caffein in the whiskey that goes straight to your head.
  • Goes well with coffee  (more…)

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