#We35 #FieldReport Autumn

Some say the end is near, some say winters coming, but it is just the drama of autumn again…

Autumn -20151101-3989

Colors change from green to gold and red then we are left with the grey of winter. So like the spring, using the little free time, I seemed to have lately, I grabbed a camera with a 35mm lens and captured the autumn. Usually in the fall I’m full on macro but this year as part of the we35 research team, I kept my autumn photography experience simple. (more…)

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Photo Plus Expo 2015 Was A Blur

Photo plus expo 2015 has come and gone….

It’s a time that always wreaks havoc on my gear lust. Around every corner is something I want, or want to lust after. Ladies, gentlemen and approximate life form thingies it was a short but fun time for yours truly. I wish I had more than two days this year, but time limits made it interesting. I have gone through most of my notes, contacted people, now I reflect.


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