#PhotoWandering 8-5-14 and off day


This was a morning I should have slept. Sometimes I feel like I’m destroying my self sleeping so little. I pulled out my Nikon  85mm 1.8D this day and forgot to take off the cross hatch filter. It made the morning more intresting at least. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-4-14 The Return to Roosevelt Island


One of the results of all this PhotoWandering is I think on my childhood.  Much of it was spent on  New York. I had family spread out through the city. I had cousins that lived on Roosevelt Island & my mother and I would visit a at random times during the summers. I have some great memmories here. My cousins moved and it all stopped. I never went back to the island till now. (more…)

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A Break & 2 Coffees Not #PhotoWandering 8-1-14


Well it was a quiet morning in NJ. It was cool and breezy and I was taking a break from New York PhotoWandering.i woke up a little later than usual and went to Hoboken and Jersey City.  The beautiful thing about not living in the city is you can take a break from it. Even though I want to live in New York it’s nice to look on it from the outside. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-31-14 As I Walked


One morning of many, but on this particular day I just needed to walk. So I got on the train , made my way into the city and walked. From 33rd to World Trade. There was nothing special to see but every thing to see. Just becaus you walked a path once does not mean you can’t walk it again. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-29-14 The Meh Lens


It’s was a quiet morning in New York , the city I wish was my home town. The weather was pleasent and streets mostly empty at first. I was using Sonagar 135 to cure a curiosity. (more…)

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