52:4 Quiet Before The Insanity

GServo-20140125-0071Well I have a bit of a busy week ahead of me. Coffee will most definitely be my operating system.  For this weeks “One Object Challenge” however, a peaceful caffeinated moment was due. Simple and clean it was. Titus will get a cool pic some where during this week so he’s happy just to try to steal my coffee. (more…)

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52:3 – Pirate Bear In The City Of Itenerant People

GServo-20140115-0652It was a nice January Day in New York, the city of itinerant people. I had gone photo-walk-about for an entire day. While out I decided to get my Week 3 ’52’images done. I wanted the “One Object Challenge” to be epic. In my mind it is. Central park was the back drop. This is something I really wanted to do for this project , at least once. Titus the Grizzly did no know what to expect. He heard “concrete jungle” and came prepared. (more…)

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Back To The Old Gear


One thing the Nikon Df taught me is my old gear is just fine. I can still be a good creato no matter what I use. I recently brought my Nikon D90 back out to play. I also used my Nikon 50mm 1.8D. It’s one of my favorite classic set ups. I can do almost anything with it (more…)

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52: 2 – Grey Cold Smegging Days

Aperture f11 ISO-100 Focal Length 80mm  Shutter Speed 4 seconds

Here we are, week 2. Its been a busy week and mostly very cold. So I really was not thinking about week two too much. Then It happened , I had a moment that stopped me. So I took A moment f\to do some photo-meditation and decompress. This is when I decided to do my “One Aperture Challenge” for the week . I decided to make both images black and white. I was in the mood.  (more…)

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